Dark Chocolate Covered Cookies

It would be bored as well if only able to eat the chocolate..

So,I come out with this idea of insert a cookies in the middle of it as filling…

On the other hand,we can taste the fragrance of cookies together with the chocolate…


A perfect Gift during Valentine’s Day



Everyone favorite,

A bite of chocolate could melt your heart~


Special effect



3 layered Neapolitan Rilakkuma Cheese Cake


Note to self : Never did it with smallest sized of pipping anymore because it’s really waste of time and also energy


Neapolitan cake…

The first time of making this flavor of cake after did some research through the internet…

I’m like a frog under the well,never did I thought that there’ll a flavor of cake like this to taste all three flavors which are strawberry,vanilla and chocolate…

I did eat the Neapolitan ice-cream but never thought that it will also can be exist in cake flavor as well…

It’s pretty to be seen as well as tasting good